Great Backyard Bird Count

Join Us for the Great Backyard Bird Count, February 14-17, 2014

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    *Count birds anywhere you like for at LEAST 15 minutes—or even longer if you wish. Keep track of the kinds of birds you see and how long you watched.

    *Make your best estimate of how many birds you saw of each species. For example, 5 Northern Cardinals, 3 American Crows. Huge flocks may be a challenge, but your best guess is still valuable.

    *Enter your list(s) online at Put in a new checklist:
    –for each new day –for each different location –for the same location, same day, if you counted at a different time of day

    *Note: Look for the “Submit Observations” tab on the Great Backyard Bird Count (or eBird) website. You can start entering bird lists at 7:00 AM Eastern time (U.S.) on the first day of the count.

If you have never participated in the GBBC before, or did not take part in 2013, you’ll need to set up an account at or, providing your name and email and choosing a personal username and password. Additional profile information is optional.

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Christmas Bird Counts

Norfolk Christmas Bird Count on Saturday, December 14th
Contact Person/Compiler: Duane Wolff 402-841-0130

Morning—will meet at the Country Inn (13th and Omaha Ave. in Norfolk) at 7:00 AM to divide up the areas that need covered. Contact Duane Wolff at 402-841-0130 or David Heidt: heidtdw at for more information.

Noon meeting at Valentino’s Pizza, 1025 S. 13th St., Norfolk to determine which areas still need to be covered in the afternoon. (Dutch Treat)

Evening Compilation & potluck: TO BE DETERMINED

Calamus Christmas Bird Count on Thursday, December 19th
Contact Person/Compiler: David Heidt 402-371-3412 (heidtdw at

Morning–meet at 6:45 AM at Verda’s Café (179 S Main in Burwell) on southwest corner of the town square in Burwell to be assigned areas. (Food not provided but you can eat breakfast on your own)

Lunch–no meeting site–most groups bring sack lunch (i.e. cooler full of food) and stay out in the field.

Evening Compilation at the bar & grill on northwest corner of the town square in Burwell will depend on the weather and will be set that morning at Verda’s Café. (Food not provided).

Anyone interested in participating (or in getting more information) can email: heidtdw at

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